No matter how hard things seem at your lowest moment just know that life can only get better from that point on. Let’s face it, we’ve all had a dark chapter of our life that we’re not proud of but we need to embrace our struggles because they’ve moulded us into the strong decision makers we are today. Decision makers because when it was easier to give up we made a choice to continue living, whether you’ve been through shit or you’re going through it right now, you’re not alone and be proud that you want to make a change. change and let your story inspire people to better their lives and let them know there’s always someone out there willing to listen and help.

I’ve purposely left a few details out of my story because I didn’t want it all to sound doom & gloom however I will fill you in a little bit…

It was about 8 years ago, 2011, I was around 25 years old and working in a retail store selling phones when I started getting very sick ALL the time. Constant nausea, vertigo, fever, diarrhoea, freezing to the bone & a massive lump in my throat which constantly aggravated my asthma. After multiple checks and diagnoses I was sent on a wild goose chase basically from thinking the cause was acid reflux (symptom) to being told by another consultant I was coeliac and maintaining that diet for 2 years.

Long story short in 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer, told I had 2 weeks to live if it wasn’t discovered as the cancer was growing so large it was pressing against my aorta. I reluctantly began chemotherapy immediately but most important of all, I started sourcing THC Cannabis Oil which after only a few months significantly reduced the growth and after 6 months the cancer cells were eliminated from my system.

I was so grateful but still sick as a dog, especially from the chemotherapy which my body couldn’t handle at all and I had a hard time coming off really strong prescription drugs such as Benzodiazepines (Benzos) and many others. Depression, anxiety and motion sickness seemed to be kicking in full force again until I discovered CBD oil. After only 1 month I could feel the benefits significantly, I was less nauseous, appetite was healthy, I was sleeping alot better and most importantly anxiety, depression & vertigo could be relieved with just a dropper full of oil. To me this was amazing, I had come off every prescription drug except for my Acid Reflux tablets which I also hope to come off one day soon. Now don’t get me wrong I had to go through a few different brands of oil until I discovered which one was the real deal and not just another “snake oil.” Please don’t buy CBD oil that hasn’t been thoroughly lab tested by a third party & not the company themselves. If you’ve any questions I’m always here to help and I’d love to hear your stories too in an email or comment below…

To your health & success,

Martin Best

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