Cancer Survival Bible app on Android


Struggling to Treat Cancer? Download our FREE App on Android with Nutritional Supplements, Meditations, Cancer Counselling, Facebook Cancer Support Group, Oil Making Guides, Healthy Edibles, Juice, Smoothie & Food Recipes, Cancer Type Index, Spotify Chemo Music Playlist, Comedy Radio Player & Video Workouts Daily Video Meditations featuring Tony Robbins & Burt Goldman to help raise your mood, get rid of anxiety and start the energy healing process.

Daily Meditation Radio Player featuring calm and ambient music to help you relax, sleep or even guide your own meditations. The healthiest Super Food Recipes containing mainly cancer fighting vegetables & other natural ingredients. Delicious and Detoxing Juice & Smoothie Recipes that will help you battle disease and keep it away by providing all the essential nutrients the body needs.

Full and comprehensive Cancer Wikipedia Index listing all cancer types with information about each one. No need to be googling your illness and over worrying based on people’s opinions or misinformation. Find out everything about your diagnosis here.

Step by Step Guide on how to make Rick Simpson Oil which has been proven to kill and eliminate Cancer Cells. For those patients who don’t like to smoke cannabis, the tastiest Edible Recipes that will really help with the effects from treatment.

A customised Spotify Chemo Playlist with over 200 songs, with more being added everyday, that will keep the belief and help raise your mood to a more positive state.

A Chemo Comedy Radio Player full of Comedy Shows, Skits and Prank Phone Call Stations because in fairness we could all use a laugh during this time.

Large collection of Workout Videos featuring Shaun T & Tony Horton which will help with your mental state and make the body stronger. Shorter 5 minute workouts for those who are struggling with treatment and up to an hour for those who can take it)

Stop Suffering in Silence! DOWNLOAD FREE TODAY! on Android Google Play

Join our Facebook Support Group because you’re never alone in this battle

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